Vinton Building

Project: Vinton Building

Location: Detroit, MI

Type of Work: Mechanical, Plumbing , HVAC and Controls.

Project Description: 11 Story Luxury Apartments and retail Space. New Mechanical room equipment, State of the art Temperature Controls System , Warm Board Floor heating system. High-End Plumbing Fixtures throughout.
Schedule: 2017-2018 14 months

Project Challenges: Sharing space with other contractors during renovation of a high rise building. Working in a busy downtown area on a major intersection. Understanding how to work with an out of town General contractor who wasn’t familiar with the Detroit area.

Project Solutions: We pre-fabricated as much ductwork, and piping before delivery to the jobsite. We used after hours, and weekends to deliver and stage materials and fabrication on each floor to avoid congestion. We helped the client with value engineering related to the floor heating system. Providing constructible solutions helped gain trust and maintained a positive working with relationship.

Total Project Value: $ 3,600,000.00